Online Trieris Multiplayer Help

The object of the game is capture, and hold 12 ports.
Naturally, players can also win by sinking all enemy  ships.
Players control the board with a mouse (scroll wheel to zoom) and or the WSAD keys.
The tabbed information contains all you need to know before playing the game.
Currently this game only works on desktops and plays best using Chrome.




Players are given a choice to play as a Single Player or to play in a Multiplayer room. For Multiplayer please see the Multiplayer Tab for further instructions.

When selecting Single Player you will be taken right to the faction selection screen. Clicking on one of these Icons will set the game up with the player's Trireme being set to their ports & capital.


After selecting a faction the player will be sent to set Ship Direction screen where the player would set the starting direction of each shp. See Ship Direction Tab for more details on setting ship directions.